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TECHNOLOGY Connecting Communities for a Brighter Future

Through our partnerships with Empress Ave Media and WastAway, KDC is committed to facilitating economic growth and employment opportunities in the technology sector.

Empress Avenue Media is passionate about helping businesses connect with their communities online. A full-service digital agency, Empress Avenue Media has been using video, photography, and web design to help share the stories of Cowichan Tribes projects, events, and businesses since 2019. This partnership allows the KDC to showcase the hard work of their team and their initiatives, aligning with Empress Avenue’s vision of uplifting the diverse voices and experiences of our community.

a digital agency with a difference

Empress Avenue is one of the largest emerging service-production companies for film and television on Vancouver Island. Through innovative partnerships and crew training opportunities, Empress is proud to work with KDC and its partners to bring more independent media projects to the Cowichan Valley.

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Cobble Hill, BC, Canada



WastAway is a leader in renewable energy,  using innovative waste management technology to generate electric power and/or fuel. WastAway takes something the world doesn’t want – municipal solid waste – and converts it into usable energy in the form of electricity, feed stock in the production of biofuels, and even potting soil. Our partnership with WastAway opens the door for the development of innovative new facilities to address the waste management and energy needs of our communities.

Growing Together

As the KDC strives to further our commitment to sustainable practices, our partnership with WastAway was a natural fit. Over the past 7 years, the KDC has been working on securing technology that will allow municipal waste to be converted into energy, pellets, or natural gas, and now, with the support of Wastaway, we are doing just that.

A new low-carbon and sustainable fuel pellet facility is under development by Cowichan Tribes. The goal of this facility is to reduce area landfill usage by up to 90%, and provide a clean, high-energy fuel for use by industrial and power generation customers in the region. The development of this world-class facility is made possible by the KDC’s commitment to adopting responsible environmental practices, paired with WastAway’s cutting edge technology.

The KDC has also partnered with [Re]Waste, an Canadian company with innovative solutions for plastic collection and recycling processes, to help bring this project to fruition. [Re]Waste’s experienced team will utilize their industry knowledge to coordinate with the KDC’s project team, and deliver on the vision for this exciting development.


With a focus on sustainability, WastAway is proud to provide communities with practical and proven recycling and waste management solutions that keep up to 90% of their garbage out of landfills while adhering to strict environmentally best-practices. WastAway exists to develop and provide innovative solutions for landfill diversion, striving to altogether eliminate the need for landfills in the future.



Our patented process at WastAway takes municipal solid waste and converts it into recyclable metals and clean, safe fuel – free of pathogens or odors – which is stable for handling in storage and shipping. We have created an efficient and financially viable waste management process that delivers a high-energy Sustainable Engineered Fuel (SE3), resulting in a considerable reduction of carbon emissions and helping companies and communities reach environmental and sustainability goals. Our SE3 fuel has passed extensive testing and received a comfort letter from the Environment Protection Agency stating that it was considered a “non-waste fuel”; this designation provides its users with the confidence that they’re able to replace or augment their combustion of fossil fuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessening their carbon footprint.



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Morrison, TN 37357

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