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Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development

Sustainable Growth

One of the key Snuw’uy’ulh (or teachings) of the KDC is to live in harmony with nature, and we are committed to fostering sustainability in all of our partnerships and practices.



The core traditional territory of the Cowichan Tribes spans 375,000 hectares with the total Reserve area (made up of nine Reserves) covering 2,400 hectares of land. KDC honors the important connection of the Cowichan Tribes to the land by ensuring sustainable practices are foundational to all partnerships and projects, as well as establishing and monitoring measurable environmental initiatives in the various industries we serve.

The sustainability initiatives of the Khowutzun Group of Companies ensure that the impact on the environment is a primary consideration through all of our programs and business dealings. We’re proud to be leaders in adopting responsible environmental practices in forest management, cannabis production, and energy and waste management services throughout the Cowichan Valley, protecting the incredible biodiversity of the region.

Revitalized Land


Protecting Our Managed Lands Through Innovation and Commitment to Sustainability

Rooting into the traditional knowledge and teachings of our people, individuals and companies within the Cowichan Tribes have come together to develop land remediation projects to protect and honour the land where we live and work, while creating economic stability within our communities and passing on the inherent gifts and teachings within nature to our future generations.

Through our partnerships with Khowutzun Freegro Tree Shelters (KFT) and Khowutzun Forestry Services (KFS), KDC is committed to protecting and preserving our critical forest habitats.

Extensive research and development efforts by founder John Kendall and the team at KFT have created an exceptional tree shelter product that is highly successful in protecting susceptible seedlings from animal browse, enhancing tree growth and improving carbon sequestration rates. These tree shelters are a critically important tool in reforestation efforts, vastly improving survival rates of the more than 10 million trees planted by Mosaic Forest Management on BC’s Coast every year.

KFS employees are responsible for installing these tree shelters as part of their silviculture services on our forested lands. Along with firefighting, forest management, planning, and harvesting, KFS upholds a mandate of sustainability and environmental protection to ensure the ecosystem function of our forests is maintained.

Innovators in Energy and Waste Management Services are Creating Healthier Communities

With a focus on sustainability and adhering to environmentally sound practices, WastAway is proud to provide communities with practical and proven recycling and waste management solutions that keep up to 90% of their garbage out of landfills. WastAway has created an innovative waste management process that delivers a high energy, clean and safe Sustainable Engineered Fuel (SE3, which has been classified as a “non-waste fuel” by the Environment Protection Agency), resulting in a considerable reduction of carbon emissions and helping companies and communities reach environmental and sustainability goals. As a leader and innovator in the energy and waste management sectors, we are proud of WastAway’s accomplishments and impact in working toward a zero-landfill environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessening our carbon footprint.

A Love for Nature Fosters Sustainable Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Costa Canna is helping to reduce the amount of packaging that would normally end up in our landfills by providing recycling boxes in their retail stores. Customers are encouraged to leave their empty packaging in these boxes when they return for another purchase – this small act can make a big impact on our environment over time.

United Greeneries produces a higher calibre of craft cannabis, honouring their love for nature through clean growing practices and a dedication to upholding the highest quality standards. Rooted on the Island and cultivated with care, the all-natural growth process uses fresh water and zero pesticides or foliar sprays on their plants.

Reclaiming the River