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Economic Development


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As the economic development arm of the Cowichan Tribes, the KDC  upholds the central mission of building partnerships that create opportunities for Tribes citizens to maximize business profits, offer effective training programs and provide sustainable employment to the communities we serve.


With a manufacturing facility located within the KDC building in Duncan, Khowutzun Freegro Tree Shelters offers important training and employment opportunities to Cowichan Tribes members who produce hundreds of thousands of tree shelters each year.

Khowutzun Forestry Services employees install the tree shelters in the managed lands of the Cowichan Valley, providing further opportunity for the economic stability of Tribes members and their families.

As a Progressive Aboriginal Relations (P.A.R.) committed member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (C.C.A.B.), Allteck is honoured to be collaborating and partnering with First Nations on their traditional territories across Western Canada. Actively working with more than 50 First Nation communities, Allteck has developed flexible partnership models to meet the needs of the First Nation governments and economic development corporations representing their communities as well as assisting in the development of Indigenous-owned businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

Cowichan Tribes are proud co-owners of the three Costa Canna retail stores on Vancouver Island, exploring the unique opportunity to grow and sell quality cannabis products through an agreement with the province, and with the intention of further expansion of this retail model within the cannabis industry.

With the shared vision of supporting the health and wellness of our communities and a focus on knowledge transfer, our economic initiatives are rooted in the common community values of Costa Canna and Cowichan Tribes.