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“To lead the way for First Nations to true equality as Canadian citizens.”


With approximately 4,900 members

Cowichan Tribes is the largest single First Nation band in British Columbia. The Khowutzun Development Corporation (KDC) was formed with the central mission “to build partnerships to develop and support enterprises, create opportunities for members to succeed in employment and business ventures, and to support Cowichan Tribes programs.”

We strive for the success of the communities we serve, through employment and training opportunities, implementing economic development ventures, preserving the rich culture and heritage of the region, and honouring the land on which we live. With a strong connection to tradition, we’re proud to  balance this respect for our culture with future-focused initiatives aimed at creating more opportunities and healthy environments for our younger generations.

Our focus

Is to foster powerful connection, abundance, and self-determination for our people through,

 our five guiding pillars.


We promote the continued growth and prosperity of the Cowichan Tribes by facilitating training programs and creating job opportunities within our communities. We’re here to support the economic wellbeing and resilience of our community.


We take pride in the work of our Cowichan Band members and strive for global recognition for the quality of our products and services. The KDC and its Group of Companies advocate for a broader appreciation of the vast talents and skills within the Cowichan Tribes.


We believe that nurturing a community begins with supporting its people. The KDC acknowledges and celebrates the rich and diverse traditions of the Cowichan Tribes, and aims to uplift our people and promote the Cowichan culture beyond the communities we serve.


With an ongoing focus on protecting our land and taking care of our communities, we’re leaders in adopting responsible environmental practices while fostering an economically sustainable future for Cowichan Tribes.


We want to instill confidence in our shareholders by upholding our values of respect and accountability to the highest standards, demonstrating measurable prosperity through our strategic initiatives and community impact.


The Khowutzun Development Corporation has formed important partnerships with a broad group of companies throughout the Cowichan Valley whose values, goals, and approach align with our own. Community involvement and development is key to our collective  priorities, and together we are invested in making meaningful and lasting contributions to the communities we serve.

Through our partnerships with the Khowutzun Group of Companies, we are creating more opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, increasing representation in various workplaces and industries throughout the Cowichan Valley.


Khowutzun Forestry Services provides firefighting and silviculture services to the ancestral Cowichan territory, including manual brushing and weeding, tree planting, and land clearing, helping to improve forest health and timber yields and conserving wildlife habitat. Traditionally, the Quw’utsun’ People were extensively involved in forestry. The KDC is proud to support this heritage by partnering with Khowutzun Forestry Services to create more jobs for our people within the forestry industry.


Using sustainable manufacturing processes, KFT produces an original and proven tree shelter to protect seedlings from animal browse, supporting the establishment of healthier forests. The partnership between Khowutzun Freegro Tree Shelters (KFT) and the Cowichan Tribes exemplifies First Nation leadership in environmental stewardship and innovation.


Allteck promotes educational, training and employment opportunities to Cowichan Band members through its work of  offering highly specialized electric transmission and distribution services to the communities they serve. Our partnership with Allteck supports the shared mission of providing economic prosperity, opportunity and social wellbeing to our First Nations people and respecting the land where we live and work.


WastAway is a leader in the energy and technology industries, finding innovative and sustainable solutions to waste management and recycling problems. WastAway takes something the world doesn’t want – municipal solid waste – and converts it into usable energy in the form of electricity, feed stock in the production of biofuels, and even potting soil. Our partnership with WastAway opens the door for the development of innovative new facilities to address the waste management and energy needs of our communities. 

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Costa Canna is a successful retail cannabis franchise with a unique focus on healing. Through a growing list of Vancouver Island locations, Costa Canna provides exceptional opportunities for growth to Indigenous communities. Costa Canna is an industry leader in job creation, knowledge transfer, community outreach programs, and developing and upholding ethical standards.


United Greeneries uses a production process that maintains respect for – and protection of – the environment, using fresh water, fertilizer made in-house, and adhering to stringent quality controls. With a shared focus on the social responsibility of protecting and improving the welfare of our people, the KDC is excited about our partnership with United Greeneries and the potential it creates for enhancing the wellness and economic prosperity of our people. 

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West Urban is a real estate development company  working with the KDC to create affordable housing and retail space opportunities for our communities. Built on the principles of professional excellence, quality, integrity, respect, and safety, this partnership is a natural fit for Cowichan Tribes.

300 Government Street, Duncan. AVAILABLE FOR RENT FALL 2021

Our Values

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Economic Development


New Voices


Sustainable Growth


Current opportunities with KDC & Partners

Operations Supervisor

Khowutzun Freegro Treeshelters are looking for new staff members.

Operations Manager

Khowutzun Freegro Treeshelters are looking for new staff members.

Sewing Machine Operator

Khowutzun Freegro Treeshelters are looking for new staff members.

Sales Associate Training

Are you seeking employment as a Retail Sales Associate?

Westurban Properties

300 Government Street, Duncan


Cowichan Creates

Cowichan Creates is an online directory connecting artisans, entrepreneurs, contractors, and businesses from the communities of the Cowichan Tribes to clients and buyers in the Cowichan Valley and beyond. This resource was created by the Khowutzun Development Corporation to highlight and celebrate the diverse talent within our communities, and increase exposure for Cowichan entrepreneurs, artists and service providers.



Cowichan District Hospital Replacement Project

The Project will result in the design, construction, commissioning, and activation of a new hospital…