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Connecting Communities for a Brighter Future

Through our partnerships with Allteck and WastAway, KDC is committed to facilitating economic growth and employment opportunities in the energy sector.

Allteck delivers energy and resource management services across Western Canada and beyond, with a deep commitment to building meaningful connections with the local communities it serves. Allteck promotes educational, training and employment opportunities to Cowichan Band members through its work of offering highly specialized electric transmission and distribution services. Our partnership with Allteck supports the shared mission of providing economic prosperity, opportunity and social wellbeing to our First Nations people and respecting the land where we live and work. 


Allteck works directly with over 50 First Nation communities to encourage economic growth and provide practical support in business development and joint venture opportunities. Through charitable efforts, sound business practices, and strategic initiatives, Allteck is committed to supporting their employees, uplifting the communities they serve, and providing long-term value to their partners and shareholders. We aim to create meaningful relationships with First Nations through the implementation of educational and training programs, creating employment and procurement opportunities, and facilitating increased business participation.

Our People

Mike Scott


Mike Scott was appointed President of Allteck Limited Partnership (Allteck) and Canadian Utility Construction Corporation (CUC) on March 1, 2020, having transitioned from the role of Chief Operating Officer which he held over the last four years. Mike joined Allteck in 2001 and has accumulated 28 years of experience in the utility construction industry. Mike’s extensive field experience with transmission and distribution construction projects has provided him with the expertise and knowledge required for operational execution and business excellence. During his years in the field, Mike built a strong reputation as a safe, respectful and conscientious Journeyman Powerline Technician. In keeping with Allteck and CUC’s company rules, Mike mandates that everyone gives the highest priority to the health and safety of the employees and the public, and that means maintaining a diverse, respectful and healthy workplace. These commitments guide Mike in his daily business decisions as he drives the companies to continuous growth.

Nicole DesRosiers

Indigenous Relations Manager
Nicole DesRosiers (Picture)

As the Indigenous Relations Manager for All, Nicole leads the management and communications of internal and external Indigenous community relations. She is committed to understanding the community needs and economic development requirements of the Indigenous communities where we work and is responsible for the ongoing alignment of the Indigenous policies, programs, and communications across the Allteck group of companies.

Nicole has a proven track record of successfully bringing together people and resources to deliver results that meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations. Early in her career, Nicole spent 11 years in the Travel and Hospitality Industry, making the change into business administration in 2002, and joining Allteck in 2008. With over 30 years’ experience as a professional, Nicole functions as an integral part of the executive support team. Nicole has personal ties within the Indigenous community; her husband is a Metis Citizen, and their three children are First Nation community members.


We provide highly specialized electric transmission and distribution services for utilities companies and First Nations that are building or constructing power lines and electric power facilities on traditional territories. In working with aboriginal communities on their ancestral lands, the team at Allteck is committed to ensuring all of our operations uphold responsible business activity built upon the principles of inclusion, collaboration, support and respect. 



#300 – 4333 Still Creek Drive
Burnaby, BC V5C 6S6

PHONE: (604)  857-6600
TOLL FREE: 1-(866) 882-8191
FAX: (604) 857-6611


WastAway is a leader in renewable energy,  using innovative waste management technology to generate electric power. WastAway takes something the world doesn’t want – municipal solid waste – and converts it into usable energy in the form of electricity, feed stock in the production of biofuels, and even potting soil. Our partnership with WastAway opens the door for the development of innovative new facilities to address the waste management and energy needs of our communities.


With a focus on sustainability, WastAway is proud to provide communities with practical and proven recycling and waste management solutions that keep up to 90% of their garbage out of landfills while adhering to strict environmentally best-practices. WastAway exists to develop and provide innovative solutions for landfill diversion, striving to altogether eliminate the need for landfills in the future.



Our patented process at WastAway takes municipal solid waste and converts it into recyclable metals and clean, safe fuel – free of pathogens or odors – which is stable for handling in storage and shipping. We have created an efficient and financially viable waste management process that delivers a high-energy Sustainable Engineered Fuel (SE3), resulting in a considerable reduction of carbon emissions and helping companies and communities reach environmental and sustainability goals. Our SE3 fuel has passed extensive testing and received a comfort letter from the Environment Protection Agency stating that it was considered a “non-waste fuel”; this designation provides its users with the confidence that they’re able to replace or augment their combustion of fossil fuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessening their carbon footprint.



195 Mt View Industrial Drive,
Morrison, TN 37357

PHONE: (931) 815-8520
FAX: (931) 815-5076