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We value the meaningful partnerships we have fostered with Industry leading development companies, and the achievements we have accomplished together. These collaborations allow us to bring career opportunities and economic investment to our community, while giving our citizens equal voice in decision making on our ancestral lands.

Connecting Community & Industry

In the past year, KDC has collected $3,730,098.48 in revenue from contracts and extra work associated with contract work. Of the $3,730,098.48, $2,027,546.14 was contracted to the Roundtable Contractors.

Our Roundtable Model

KDC has embraced a roundtable concept for all Cowichan Tribes citizen-owned companies and our individual citizens with skills and expertise in the various development sectors. Their work ranges from civil, construction, trucking, and flagging, to environmental and archeological monitoring, fencing and other related disciplines.

We call this collection of civil and construction professionals the “Roundtable”, as we aim to give everyone equal opportunity and equal say.

So How Does It Work?

KDC’s Director of Special Projects, Renée Olson, negotiates and secures the contracts under KDC, with KDC being the Primary Sub Contractor. After securing the scope of work for the project, KDC then works with the roundtable to share that scope of work along with the revenue generated.

“The thought process was: all contracts that came through the lands department would be shared with the ’roundtable’.…Throughout the years this collective team began to work seamlessly, creating better efficiency and better projects. The traditional and industry knowledge at this table was incredible.”

– Jodee Dick, CEO of the KDC

KDC In The Spotlight


“If we can create economic stability in our First Nation communities, those communities can then start building the community and economy around them. This is the way forward. First Nations are the ones that are here to stay.”

Canadian Industry Magazine

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 8.34.33 AM

KDC CEO Jodee Dick and Director of Special Projects Renée Olson sat down with Canadian Industry Magazine to chat about the KDC’s unique approach to business, collaboration, and why including Indigenous communities is a mandatory factor in development.

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 10.17.51 AM
“We are modeling a completely different way of doing business by treating people with respect, and creating opportunities where everyone has an equal voice”

– Renée Olson

Project Partners

We are proud to have built successful partnerships with a wide range of leading development companies. Through signing Memorandums of Understanding, the KDC has partnered with industry businesses to recognize our rights and title within our territory, and provide our citizens with a wide variety of career opportunities.

Houle Electric

The KDC has had the pleasure of partnering with Houle Electric on a number of projects, and is so proud of the work we have accomplished together.

In addition to the projects above, we’re working with Houle to build electrical vehicle charging infrastructure across the island.  The KDC and Houle Electric will be working to create further opportunities and to bid on work that will benefit both companies.

From airports, shipping terminals, hydro generating stations and water treatment facilities, to hospitals, universities, and shopping centres, Houle delivers integrated electrical solutions for their industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential customers. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with Houle.

Houle and the WATT Program

The Workplace Alternatives Trades Training (WATT) program is an alternative pathway to electrical apprenticeships, giving Cowichan Tribes Citizens an opportunity to build successful careers in the industry. Two of our Cowichan Tribes Citizens, Brad Thorne and William Rodriguez, are currently working with Houle Electric after completing the program.

Learn more about the WATT program, our past participants, and how to apply on our New Voices page.

Cowichan Tribes citizen and WATT graduate, Brad Thorne.
Cowichan Tribes citizen and WATT graduate, Brad Thorne.

“Both Brad and William have fantastic attitudes and are both really keen on learning the skills…it’s a lot easier to teach – from a foreman’s perspective – the technical skills than to teach the motivation and the desire to learn and the excitement about the trade.”
– Mike, Foreperson for Houle Electric

Urban One

Urban One is the prime contractor for the Cowichan Secondary School replacement project, on which our Roundtable team has been working closely alongside them. We’re proud to be collaborating on several opportunities with Urban One’s dynamic team, in Duncan, Campbell River and Courtenay.

Urban One is a full-service construction company focused on large-scale, mixed-use, and institutional projects.


The KDC has signed an MOU with Chandos Construction, the prime contractor for the groundbreaking new the National Centre for Indigenous Laws at the University of Victoria. We have been invited to provide a quote for the civil work on this project.

Chandos provides construction management, integrated project delivery, design-build and general contracting services in Canada. They are 100 percent employee-owned, and the first and largest B Corp certified national technical builder in North America.


In WestUrban’s first ever Indigenous partnership, they have collaborated with Cowichan Tribes to construct a 96-unit residential apartment building, providing affordable housing for our community.

With a commitment to creating sustainable projects that deliver high-quality construction at excellent value, WestUrban Developments is a leader in finding innovative housing solutions and building thriving communities.

Pacific Industrial & Marine

In 2022, KDC entered into a joint venture agreement with PIM to recover and recycle derelict boats. Known as Khowutzun Industrial Marine, this partnership has resulted in three vessels being removed from the ocean thus far.

This partnership will open opportunities for both KDC and PIM, including creating career opportunities for our citizens. So far, one Cowichan Tribes citizen is working with PIM as a welder, with various openings for additional citizens to come.

Pacific Industrial & Marine specializes in all aspects of marine systems and bridge construction. PIM prides themselves on offering turn-key marine construction services with the highest safety and quality standards.


The KDC is excited to have Hall as one of our MOU partners, ensuring our citizens full participation on the Cowichan District Hospital reconstruction project through the civil phase. Various other projects are also in development with Hall.

Hall Constructors specializes in large scale excavation, civil infrastructure, highway and bridge construction, underground utilities and site development projects.

Nucor Harris Rebar

An MOU was signed between Nucor Harris Rebar and KDC on September 8, 2022 and from this time on, KDC and Nucor Harris Rebar have been collaborating on economic opportunities and training opportunities for the Citizens of Cowichan.

Most recently, we collaborated with Nucor on hosting a hugely successful ‘Lunch and Learn’ event at the Quw’utsun Cultural & Conference Centre, followed by a 2-week training program for Cowichan Tribes Citizens and members from Northern Island Nations. Three Cowichan citizens have now started their career with Nucor Harris Rebar, and KDC is receiving economic benefits from our partnership.

The goal of our partnership is to bring careers to our Cowichan Tribes citizens through training and employment, help break any barriers that we encounter, and provide support where needed.

Nucor Harris Rebar is a full-service provider (estimating, detailing, fabrication, placing, project management, etc.) to the concrete reinforcing industry with 65 locations and 5,000 teammates across Canada and the USA. Nucor’s has a commitment to progress on sustainability, and their quest is to continue to be the lowest carbon footprint steel maker in North America and the world.


EllisDon is the prime contractor for the Cowichan District Hospital reconstruction project, and an MOU partner with the KDC. This partnership ensures KDC meaningful participation on the project. We anticipate a successful relationship with EllisDon for years to come.

EllisDon is a leading construction services company delivering projects in every market sector around the world. We look forward to further opportunities to work alongside EllisDon in a range of capacities..

Thuja Architecture

KDC has an unique partnership with Thuja, focused on designing and building residential and commercial developments that represent First Nations culture and design.

Currently, we are in the planning stages with Thuja to build an 8-acre development on the Tsartlip reserve, as well as multi-use residential and commercial buildings on the Cowichan reserve lands.

Thuja Architecture creates spaces that are striking, innovative, ecologically responsible and cost-effective.


KDC has entered into a partnership with NationFUEL to provide wholesale fuel to the Nation and to Roundtable members, and support the development of a new cardlock station for Cowichan contractors.

NationFUEL’s mission is to provide Indigenous communities with the opportunity to participate in the energy industry by partnering in the fuel business. Their aim is to be a powerful catalyst for economic development in Indigenous communities.


KDC has entered into an MOU with Unitii to explore opportunities for our Roundtable companies and build revenue for KDC. Most recently, we have submitted a quote for a development with Unitii in Victoria.

Unitii provides construction management, pre-construction services and general contracting for new builds or renovations through Western Canada.

Other Partnerships

The following industry partners have also signed MOU’s with the KDC. We look forward to future collaborations, and to building career opportunities for our citizens in the near future.