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By listing your business in the Cowichan Creates directory

You’ll gain more exposure to local buyers, prime contractors and tourists alike. Your listing will help to increase traffic from Google searches, notify you when new opportunities to promote your business arise, and facilitate new connections with other Cowichan entrepreneurs.

Who can get listed:

We invite Cowichan Tribes businesses, artists, contractors and service providers to submit a listing to the Cowichan Creates directory.

How to get listed:

Complete this short form with the requested information and business details you’d like to feature in your listing.

What you’ll need for your listing:

  • Company logo: A small image representing your company, no more than 2mb (recommended size is 400×400 pixels)
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If you encounter any issues or have questions about the listing process, please reach out to us for support at

This sets the background color of your logo to either a transparent black or white to best suit your logo.

This is the large banner background image that is displayed in the header of your profile. For best results we recomend your image be 1920px X 600px and a max file size of 3mb. If you do not select an image then the default category image will display.