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Address: 195 Mountain View Industrial Drive
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City: Morrison
Province: TN
Phone: 931-815-8520
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    Business Info

    Our systems convert Municipal Solid Waste (MSW…or common garbage) in to a clean sustainable fuel that replaces coal or wood for combustion in industrial operations. WastAway provides outstanding environmental benefits and can divert 90% of waste away from landfills. The most valuable recyclables such as aluminum and other metals are extracted for resale, with paper, plastic and food waste being processed into the clean SE3 Fuel.

    Sustainable for the environment, and sustainable financially, WastAway customizes projects for each community partner’s needs

    Mission Statement

    We believe the best solution to the ever-growing problem of garbage and landfills is to recycle the most valuable materials and convert the remainder to a clean fuel that the world needs. This is a win/win/win for the community, the fuel user and the world we treasure. Most of all, it is a win for our children and our grandchildren.