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Khowutzun Forestry Services :: Khowutzun Forestry Services

Welcome to Khowutzun Forest Services

Khowutzun Forest Services (KFS) is a partnership with Cowichan Tribes as the limited partner and KFS Ltd as the general partner.  The KFS partnership focus is to provide opportunity to Cowichan Tribe members to participate in the forestry industry.

KFS supports capacity building, the generation of meaningful employment, management expertise and economic benefits to the Cowichan Tribes Community. Khowutzun Forest Services (KFS) is a full service forestry company providing forest management, planning, silviculture, harvesting, and fire-fighting services to the forest sector. KFS mission includes development of activities that are in keeping with the cultural and environmental values of the Cowichan membership.

Our Mission:

  • To ensure that the ecosystem function of the forest is maintained
  • To ensure that cultural, spiritual and heritage resources are respected and enhanced
  • To participate in the forest industry on sound economic principles
Forest Seedlings